Fun in my dungeon

by Goddess Zeena November 1, 2013

Since my last blog update I have been very busy with sessions in my dungeon and will write about a couple that I did on Wednesday and I have to say they were both 2 of my all time favourite sessions I have done to date.


The first slave was a very experienced slave who emailed me saying he wanted to completely hand himself over to me and wanted no safewords or mercy in any way for a full 3 hours. I receive alot of these kind of emails and most don’t have the balls to book the session. It is important that you think this through very clearly before asking for this as I am a sadist so I will take the opportunity to do these kind of sessions with both hands and no mercy will be shown.  Thankfully this slave paid his deposit and we scheduled the appointment. He did get last minute nerves when he started moaning about man flu the night before the session but he was only annoying me and digging his own grave.


The slave arrived very nervous but to his credit he looked some what prepared for what awaited him. I had him on my cross immediately and after a long hard ballbusting I decided to try out my new spiked heels which I had bought for this session. The slaves face looked terrified as I put them on and he had very good reason to be. After I had finished his balls were left a mess but he asked for no mercy so why would I grant him any :)


As for my second victim he turned up early into my dungeon than his scheduled appointment, unannounced and complete with a very cocky attitude. He couldnt remove a stupid grin from his face and I realised straight away this cocky sub needed taking down a peg or 2. He was immediately put over my whipping bench and given a very severe caning and that wasn’t even a warm up for what was to come next. The next stop was to have him on my cross for some harsh ballbusting and the cockyness had soon disappeared as I gave him kick after kick. This was followed by a trip on my crucifix, upside down of course where the torture he received on there was pretty terrifying (for him) to say the least.


After the session the slave had changed from a cocky individual to an out and out submissive in just 2 hour and I wouldnt be over stating things when I say he was a completely broken man. Luckily enough both slaves requesting the sessions to be filmed so you will all be able to see what I am capable of when my clipstore goes live in January.  Below is the email he sent me once he got home after his session.


‘Good Evening Goddess Zeena,

Thank you so much for yesterday, I had an amazing time. I have been limping all day today.
The drive home was eventful with every bump and turn causing me more pain. The bruises are fantastic. I can promise you that I will keep myself locked for two weeks as instructed (haven’t gone that long since 10 years old).
The session was mind blowing and the caning you gave me certainly knocked me down a few pegs.
I loved the spitting, slapping, face sitting and licking up you urine.
The ball busting had me scared though, I can’t believe how much I was shaking.
I can’t wait to book in for another session with you. You are a beautiful, cruel and brutal Goddess and can’t wait to serve you again.
I hope that you got the footage that you were after and I am looking forward to seeing it from another prospective.
I would be more then happy to participate in another filming session, even with other subs.
Thank you again, I will wear my bruises with pride.’


I finish this blog with my up coming plans. I still have places available to watch my live webcam show on Friday 8th November 9pm uk time. This will feature me and my lifestyle slave on skype where I will be interacting with the audience etc and taking requests on what people want me to do to him. There will be no safewords or mercy involved and am really looking forward to this. As well as this I may soon be doing my first branding which I hope to catch on film and which I am really excited about. In addition it is only a month now until I travel to Australia so if you wish to book a session with me in 2013 you really need to book as my diary is filling up fast.





Goddess Zeena

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